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Conrad Grebel

Family Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Practice Handbook, 5th Edition

Written by: 
Barbara Landau
Lorne Wolfson
Niki Landau

This text, now in its fifth edition, is a must have for family law lawyers and other professionals dealing with families facing separation and divorce, including mental health professionals, financial specialists, clergy, educators and judges. This book discusses alternative processes that encourage cooperative, timely and cost effective resolutions in depth and helps family law professionals and their clients choose which process is best for them.

The book also provides extensive samples and precedents of every process that is discussed. Also includes CD-Rom.

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From Conflict to Creativity

Written by:
Sy Landau
Barbara Landau
Daryl Landau

Conflict is an inevitable part of any workplace setting. But too few managers have the skills they need to resolve everyday on-the-job conflicts and transform the experience into a dynamic force for promoting creativity. This book outlines a win-win interest-based approach for reaching solutions to conflicts. The practical down-to-earth solutions outlined in this book will help business leaders, managers, committee members, and work teams unleash their organizations’ potential for greater creativity.

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